Wine Display

WWD Wire Wine Bottle Display  $215.50 

The Wire Wine Display is capable of holding several varieties of wine bottles. The two top slanted stationary shelves facilitate the consumers ability to see the labels of the wine bottles that may be stacked in the wire bins below.

This display requires minimal space, and it offers an organized display of fine beverages. This display also includes 11/4” metal tag mold. Load capacity is 450 lbs

WWD - $215.50

Wire Wine Bottle Display High Capacity

The Wire Wine Display optimizes visual merchandising space in any fine beverage department. The bottom wire bins are 4" x 4" OC and can hold up to 80 bottles. A single Wire Wine Display High Capacity, when mounted to a wall, can hold 125 wine bottles.

This unit can be anchored to a wall with included wall anchors, or can be placed back-to-back against another High Capacity Wire Wine Display by using the four spacers included with each display.

Wine Shelves for Gondolas

Madix Wire Truss Wine shelf

The Wire Truss Wine Shelf facilitates an upscale look for displaying wine and other beverage products. The shelf is constructed of 1/2" OC wire spacing with a 1" high front truss lip and welded on brackets.  Compatible with Madix Gondola Shelving Systems.

The Wire Truss Wine Shelf has extra bracing underneath to support the increased weight of products encountered when displaying wine or other beverages. Tag mold is built into the construction of the Wire Truss Wine Shelf and measures 1.25"H.

Madix Wire Wine Rack

The Wire Wine Rack with Cradles is an attractive choice for displaying wine and other fine beverages. Retailers may position more expensive bottles from front to back of the depth of the shelf. Load capacity is 100 lbs.  Compatible with Madix Gondola Shelving Systems.

The design of this shelf allows for wetting of the corks regardless is the cork is pointed up, or laying in the cork down position. Shelf may be a good complement to other shelves and wine displays and can be positioned in a flat or 15 degree downtilt.

12 Row Wire Wine Bottle Display

The Madix Wire Wine Display Twelve Row efficiently merchandises fine beverages such as wine and liquor. Bottles are positioned upwards on an 18 degree tilt top shelf that keeps the bottle corks wet and allows for easy display of bottle labels.

Entire unit stands 52" tall, 43 1/2" width across, and 10" deep. The total holding capacity of the display is 120 bottles, allowing ten bottles across and twelve bottles per column. Individual slots measure 3 7/8" OC with a 6 degree tilt.