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Wire Store Shelves

Compatible with Lozier and Madix Gndola Shelving Systems

Wire Chip Shelves

Wire Chip Shelves

The Wire Chip Shelf has a load capacity of 30 lbs.

The Wire Potato Chip Shelf provides an economical way to display a variety of snack products.

When combined with the Wire Utility Basket, ordered separately, allows cross merchandising with dips and salsa.

Wire Candy Shelves

Wire Candy Shelves

This versatile wire store shelves is used for lightweight merchandising of items such as small boxes of candy, gum, etc.

With flat or a 15 degree downtilt bracket position, and a 2" high front lip.

It allows various product presentations.

The wire candy shelf is also suitable for other uses.

Wires are spaced 1 1/2" OC.

The optimal tag molding accepts 1 1/4" tags.

Tag Molding not included.

Load capacity of 30 lbs.


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