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Wall Store Shelves

Wall Store Shelves

Assembled with what is known as Gondola Shelving, available in 3' wide and 4' wide sections that can be connected to gether to create any desired aisle length.

Our wall store shelves are a boltloss configuration that assemble easily and can be placed up against eny vertical wall.

The shelving system must be placed up against a wall for support on the back side of the fixture.

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Wall Store Shelves

A section Wall Shelves includes: one Basic Upright with Plastic Cap, one Base Shelf, one front  Kickplate, one Back Panel and one Top, a Center, and Lower Spanner. If the Gondola is 78" tall or taller, the section would also include one Splicer Spanner as a the maximum back sizes is 72".

Wall Store Shelves standard heights start at 36 inches with a maximum standard height of 96 inches. Heights can be extended to as high as 12' for a Liquor Store by special order. Base deck starting at 12 inches wide and a maximum width of 30 inches.

Wall Shelving is a great store fixture designed especially to display all types of merchandise for all types of stores such as: Hardware Store, Clothing Store, Beauty Supply Store, Convenience Store, Retail Store, Grocery Store, Pet Store, Toy Store, and more.

Wall Sections may also be used as end caps.

What is the difference between Gondola Store Shelving and Wall? 

The Gondola shelving is also called Gondola Island Shelving.  Using the term island the Gondola Shelving stands in the center of the floor on as a island type product display.  The wall shelving is store shelving that is installed against a wall.

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Wall Liquor Shelving

Typically placed behind the counter in a Liquor Store environment and used for displaying or merchandising a large selection of hard liquor and wine for the enthusiast.


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